Thursday, December 9, 2021

Logo - Art Book

Our Goal

The Art Book - International Art Catalogue was designed by Geni Settanni, curator and director-founder of Waylight - Cultural Events. ( )

Its design, development, maintenance and any aesthetic creation is provided by Webyart - Web Solutions.

Designed to be a Virtual Gallery and the largest International Art Book Online, Art Book was born to be a reference in the world of arts, with just one click, it can be consulted by gallery owners and art lovers around the world.

The catalogue will bring together works of artists already renowned and emerging around the world, containing the most varied plastic expressions, such as: painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving and countless other trends.

Art Book is marked by the extensive experience in the Arts, of his creators, as well as the design and creation of successful Web solutions. With an attractive user-friendly design, features and highlights the artist and his works in a contemporary setting with an excellent graphic quality.

All Artworks may be appreciated in all its details, as well as information about them and the Artist curriculum.

Art Book - International Art Catalogue has as main aim, be an international vehicle of divulgation, a bridge between the Artist and all kinds of art lovers.