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16 de julho de 2019

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Artista - Milinkov

Nome:MILINKOV Ljubomir

Nome Artístico:Milinkov

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Born on April 23rd in Sovac, he arrived in Paris in 1962.
He immediately launched into teaching himself how to paint.
In 1967 he left France for the USA.
Today, Milinkov divides his time between Paris and New York.


1962 - Settles in Paris, France.

1963/67 - Milinkov enters the World of Art. Beautiful view, beautiful life and beautiful models.

1963/67 - He realizes many portraits in Place du Tertre, Mont Martre, Paris.

1967 - Moves to New York City, USA.

1968 - From NYC to San Francisco, a 6 months trip in a hearse across the USA.

1969 - Woodstock Music & Art Fair, as an exposing painter.

1972 - First personal exposition in the Masur Museum of Art, city of Monroe, Louisiana.

1973 - Signs an agreement with Wally Findlay International Art Gallery, with which he works in exclusivity for 16 years, exposing in New York City, Chicago, Palm Beach (Florida), Beverly Hills and Paris, France.

1977 - Receives the International Painting and Sculpture Grand Prix, Beaulieu sur Mer, France.

1977 - Lithography edition by Eléonor Ettinger Inc. New York City.

1982 - Creates a design for the scarf ‘Carré H.’ « Jardin Enchanté » for HERMES Paris.

1990 - Edition of the MILINKOV monography. Museum Max Fourny, Halles St. Pierre, Paris, France.

1991 - Exhibition « Earth and Love » In the City Museum of Mougins, France.

1992 - Exhibition « Love and Peace » Galerie d’Art Contemporain of Chamaliéres, France.

1995 - « World and Fertility » in the Angelicum Cultural Center, Milano, Italy.

1997 - Exhibition Eurostar « Love and Peace » Gare du Nord, Paris, France.

1977 - Exhibition « Earth and Fertility » Museum of Naive Art of Vicq, France.

1998 - Designs for HERMES ‘Gavroche’ breast pocket handkerchief.

2000 - Exhibition « Earth and Love » at the Museum of Naïve Art, Halles St. Pierre, Paris, France.

2000 - HAMMER Gallery, NEW YORK.

2002 - Tribute to 9-11 at the State Capitol of Texas, Austin.

2003 - Participation at the 150th anniversary of Central Park, New York City, in collaboration with HERMES.

2007 - Homage to the Twin Towers at the Fire Museum of New York City.

2009 - Exhibition « Earth and Fertility » Galerie d’Art Contemporain of Chamaliéres, France.

2011 - LYNDON B. JOHNSON Presidential Library and Museum, Pride and Remembrance Exhibition 10th anniversary, Austin, Texas.

2011 - Bronze medal at « Art en Capitale » 2011 Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France.

2012 - « Prix Madeleine Paillard » at « Art en Capitale » 2012 Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France.

2013 - Creates a design for the scarf ‘Carré H.’ for HERMES Paris.

2013 - New York Art Expo.

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