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29 de janeiro de 2023

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Nome:Nikki Gour

Nome Artístico:Nikki Gour

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Nikki Gour completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2006. As an Artist, Nikki has had the opportunity to create works for the Calgary Science Center, and the Down Town Charity Garden Auction, where she won The Best Overall Design Award. Having spent some time as a visiting Artist throughout Alberta, has brought her to working with The Alberta Teachers Association in 2008. Articles about Gour’s exhibitions are published in the Stephen Magazine, the Calgary Journal and the Peace River Record Gazette. She has become a leading artist in her community, working with the Boys and Girls Club, the Bowness Community Association and Urban Youth Worx, creating large sculptural murals. Her talents vary in a wide range of mixed media paintings and sculpture with objects and materials to strike her ideas. Nikki has exhibited her works throughout several galleries within Alberta including Art Central, the Endeavour Arts Gallery and the Fairview Fine Arts Gallery. Several of her works have been donated to different fund raiser events throughout Alberta to help raise funds for important causes. She has created several public and private commissioned pieces and continues to work towards further development of her practice, creating glass paintings and metal sculptures.

Currently Nikki is working with the concept of reflection and shadow to create a whole new dimension. The main focus of her work is letting the material transform into a new form, giving it a whole new meaning. Gour has the intentions of continuing to exhibit and sell her work throughout Canada and internationally.



- 2001/2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Sculpture Major, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Alberta


- 2010 Most Original Tree, Festival of Trees 2010, Peace River Alberta
- 2008 Certificate of Recognition, Alberta’s Teachers Convention Association 2008, Red Deer, Alberta
- 2003 Lang Scholarship, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Alberta
- 2003 Best Overall Design Award, The Downtown Chair-ity Garden Party, Calgary, Alberta


- 2011 “4th Annual Timeraiser, Vancouver, B.C
- 2011 “Group Summer Show”, Resolution Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2011 ”6th Annual Timeraiser”, Calgary, Alberta
- 2011 “FOUR”, Endeavor Arts Gallery, Calgary Alberta
- 2011 “Western Art with a Twist”, Endeavor Arts Gallery Calgary, Alberta
- 2011 “Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse” Group Exhibit, The Stoneworx Gallery, Art Central, Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 "Restoration", Resolution Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 “Group Exhibit”, Endeavor Arts Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 “Cochrane Ecological Institute Fundraiser”, Cochrane Wild Life Reserve Society, Cochrane, Alberta
- 2009 "Worn Armour and Ghost of Dreams", Vicious Circle, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 "Studio Art Sale", Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 "Nikki Gour, Post Exhibit: Art Central, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 "IGNITE", Pumphouse Theatre, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 "New York Dreams", Bell Petroleum Center, Peace River, Alberta
- 2008 "Art Works", Bilton Contemporary Art Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta
- 2008 "Nikki Gour", Belle Petroleum Centre, Peace River, Alberta
- 2007 "Grasslands Love Jubilee", Bieseker, Alberta
- 2005 "Thriller", Temporary Exhibition, 31 Ave 32 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta
- 2003 "The Downtown Chair-ity Garden Party", Calgary Eaton's Center, Calgary, Alberta

Public Commissions:

- 2011 “Bowness Railway Community Gardens”, Urban Youth Worx, Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 "Community Belongings", Bowness Boys and Girls Club, Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 "Community" Terrace Road Paint the Pavement Project, Montgomery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 “Numbers Painting”, TaXcetra, Peace River, Alberta
- 2009 "Boogies Burgers", Boogies Burgers Calgary, Alberta
- 2006 "Logo Design", Country Sunshine Promenade, Peace River, Alberta
- 2004 "Mind Storms", Calgary Science Center, Calgary, Alberta

Private Commissions:

- 2011 “Metal & wood Sculpture”, Calgary, Alberta
- 2011 “Snowboarding NYC”, Calgary Alberta
- 2009 “Dream Catcher”, Rain Bow Lake, Alberta
- 2009 "Farmers Feed the World", Festival of Trees, Peace River, Alberta
- 2009 “Metal Fish”, Peace River Alberta
- 2009 “Windows”, Peace River Alberta
- 2009 "The Highs and Lows", Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 "Past Present Future", Alberta
- 2009 “Jack Thomas”, Calgary Alberta
- 2009 "1960’s T.V Coffee Table", Calgary, Alberta
- 2008 "Burden Bears Silent Auction", Peace River, Alberta

Professional Activities:

- 2011 “Open House Art Exhibit Artist Nikki Gour”, Nikki Gour Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2011 “The Works Festival”, Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta
- 2011 “Art!Bowmont: Art in The Park”, Shouldice Park, Calgary, Alberta
- 2011 Donation, “KicksART”, Calgary Communities Against Sexual Assult, StoneWorx Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2011 Donation. The Philharmonic Orchestra Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 Founder/Teacher. "Artin Out Art Program", Bowness Community Association, Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 Workshop. "Public Sculpture: Community", Boys and Girls Club Youth Block Party, Calgary, Alberta
- 2010 Visiting Artist. "Process Art", Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, Red Deer, Alberta
- 2010 Donation of Art work to The Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 Curatorial Duties: Endeavor Arts Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 Demonstrator: "Nikki Gour Paintings", Art Walk, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 Volunteer: Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
- 2009 Visiting Artist: "Process Art Using Found Objects", Lindsay Thurber High School, Red Deer, Alberta
- 2008 Visiting Artist: "Process Art Using Found Objects", Peace River High School, Peace River, Alberta
- 2008 Visiting Artist: "Art Works Visual Art Conference", Red Deer College, Red Deer, Alberta
- 2008 Presenter: "Process Art & Found Objects", 2008 Central Alberta Teachers Convention Association, Red Deer, Alberta
- 2007 Visiting Artist: "Process Art", Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, Red Deer, Alberta


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- 2010 Nov “Bowness Vital Actions Report”, “Creating a Vibrant Neighbourhood 2010” Written by: Bowness Community Association, Calgary, Alberta.
- 2010 Sept "Educating Tomorrow’s Citizens Today", "Terrace Road School and Partners Gather to Promote Strong Community Values", Web Admin by Laura Diemert, Calgary’s public school system, Calgary, Alberta.
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