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27 de março de 2023

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Artista - Kim Lunau

Nome:Kim Lunau

Nome Artístico:Kim Lunau

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I'm acrylic painter! – my works are expressive figurative, sometimes surreal. I use the medium in a different way of presenting different types of where transparent layers. If possible, I do not use brushes. I care a lot about composition and hidden messages that pops out of the work if the recipient takes the time. Time for contemplation and Reflextions in a stressful world.

I'm an old artist and active member in the workshop at MUSICON in Roskilde. A new place for creative people. I've always traveled a lot. In an old converted bus, with the sailing ship "Rasputin" across the Atlantic and other large parts of the world. Through my travels and always close to the sea, I got my inspiration. The sea has it all:

the magnificent tranquility, the hidden forces of the raging deadly giant roar, the beautiful phosphorescence at night down in the depths, the inviting calm of the most beautiful colors at sunset, but also the gray-black sinister and heinous giant wave, there's smash and devours everything. How do you paint these feelings and these sharp contradictions?

Do you dare to confrontate your inner pictures instead of running screming away if something seems scaring, a bit spooky like the fairytales in your childhood about the big bad woolf and all the other magic figures? – Ohh, but the woolf is so much more than scary, it’s also a wonderful wild creture, so beautiful and magnificent in its own ways, it all depends on who’s eyes are looking – doesn’t it?

Anyway they are pushing to make their way out all these faschinating cretures from an inner world to get out in the visible univers and make themselves noticed, .... so I go to the work and the canvas in high spirit to make them known .... that’s how it works for me!

I have no idea of the comments Freud and Jung might have made to my paintings, most likely “symbolic manifestations of a caotic inner world” they would start up analyzing; however that’s not my business. I never analyze my paintings, I experience them, and to me it gives great satifaction to get this kind of univers made visible in my works just like The Brothers Grimm did in words in their fairytales.

Fairytales can be enjoyed spontaneously for what they are: a source bursting out of human fantasy. If you want more it is completely up to you how to work on it. The same could be said about my pictures I think.

After all what is fantasy really and should it be limited to the human brain only? Creative forces are incessantly working through a university so vast that we cannot really imagine even a smaller bit, - in fact it’s hard enough to remember that we are travelling on a small ball though unknown dimensions days and nights, ages after ages, and do we have a destination somehow?

A bit scary isn’t it? – Oh yes, just like the woolf in the fairytales, but wonderful, magnificent, and magic too, right? And you need not even jump onboard a train, a boat or a jet, becouse you are already on a spaceship heading to wards the stars. So you better get the most of it and enjoy your journey.



1970 - Maskinarbejder (mesterlæren).
1972 - HF-udd. fra Vallensbæk statsskole.
1974 - Planlægger af 3.verdensrejser i Tvind-regi.
1975 - Starter på det ”Nødvendige seminarium”, men stopper senere.
1975 - Starter på RUC’s NAT/BAS.
1978 - Starter konsulentfirma indenfor lyd- og videoproduktioner.
1979 - Starter på kommunikationsudd. Ved RUC’s overbygningsudd.
1984 - Færdig som Cand.comm. Med kulturgeografi fra RUC.
1985 - Research- og produktionstur i sejlskib over atlanten.
1994 - Opsiger min stilling som skolekonsulent i Arbejdstilsynet.
1994 - Udøver malerkunst og afholder udstillinger.
1996 - Afhjælper centralsygehuset i Næstved med oprettelse af en informationsafd.
1997 - Starter på Slagelse produktionsskole som linieleder på multimedieafd.
1998 - Headhuntes til ”Pile Mølle’s multimedieafd. (Ishøj produktiondskole).
2001 - Starter på Roskilde Efterskole’s maritime afd. Som linieleder.
2004 - Yactht-skipper af 3. Grad. (sejlads med de unge energibomber).
2006 - Starter på meritlærerudd. På Holbæk seminarium (færdig juni – 08).
2008 Cuba (researchtur indenfor cubansk billedkunst).
2010 – Stort buskørekort.

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